The Whispering Willow | Featured Session

We have a super sweet child session on the blog this week by The Whispering Willow! Please be sure and check out her work.

Whispering Willow ~ Photography by Sarah

Here, in England, we havn’t seen much spring yet… with late snowfall and freezing temperatures, it is only now that the buds are starting to bloom….

My latest session was a lifestyle shoot in a friends home.  She has a beautiful 2 year old daughter ‘Ella’ and a newborn baby girl….

The sun was blazing through the windows that morning but it was still too cold to go out.  Ella was so happy dancing around the house pretending to be a princess.  I loved capturing her character in the beautiful morning light.  It was a challenge as she moved so quickly – I took well over 500 photos that morning!  I used my 50mm lens with my main camera settings of  1/200  f2.8  ISO800 – using only the natural light available.

I have three boys, whom I adore, but it was so nice for me to get pink girly images on my blog for a change!

I love the pretty colours in these images and Ellas big beautiful eyes!

Sarah x

whisperingwillow1 whisperingwillow2 whisperingwillow3 whisperingwillow4 whisperingwillow5 whisperingwillow6 whisperingwillow7 whisperingwillow8 whisperingwillow-10 whisperingwillow-11 whisperingwillow-12 whisperingwillow-13 whisperingwillow-14 whisperingwillow-15 whisperingwillow-16 whisperingwillow-17

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