“Summer Magic” Winner & More Inspiration!

“Summer Magic” was the photography theme for this past week, and we loved seeing your submissions. You are all very talented photographers! Be sure to check out all the photos on each week’s theme post on our Facebook page.

We’re keeping the number of additional inspiration to just a select few this week (which was tough to do!). As the volume of submissions grows we’ll expand the number so that we can showcase as much terrific work as possible.

Be sure to scroll to the end for this week’s theme!

Congratulations to Aly of Hazel Eye Photography for this beautiful bridal portrait!

Summer Magic Weekly Theme Winner

Photography Contest Weekly Winner

Photo Credit: Hazel Eye Photography
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The gorgeous colors, graceful composition, and pristine focus of the bride bathed in the sun’s twilight glow perfectly capture the idea of Summer Magic. Great work!

Summer Magic: Additional Inspiration!

4th of July Fun

Photo Credit: Gabriel Ramirez Photography

The charming smiles of this group of friends tell a story of fun and celebration, while the white background highlights the patriotic reds and blues of the clothing. This picture is a delightful way to capture the “summer magic” of a festive 4th of July.


Inspiring Photography

Photo Credit: Sam I Am Photography

Love this silhouette shot of the little fairy girl. The glowing yellow background and sunbeams peaking through contrast perfectly with the deep black of the subject.


Inspiration for Photographers

Photo Credit: The Focused Soul

The swirl of activity, light summer dress, and sunset beach location make this image a beautiful representation of summertime. Love the way the composition follows the rule of thirds horizontally, but breaks in vertically by (almost) centering the subject.


Great work to all you photographers! Looking forward to seeing more of your photography in our this week’s…..

Weekly Favorites Photo Contest – August 8, 2016

The theme for the week of August 8, 2016 is:


How do you interpret this theme? How will your fellow photographers see it? Submit your photos on our social media page here!

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