Use This Smartphone Trick to Edit Photos 2X Faster

Don’t you always feel like you’re a month behind on your image processing? Here is a simple trick to help you edit your photos twice as fast. And all it takes is your smartphone, or (if you prefer a little lower-tech) a kitchen stove, an item you can find at the dollar store, or something you probably already have around the house.

Like any “trick”, it’s not so much the trick itself but rather it is a matter of training your willpower. However, this smartphone trick is something that helps teach and train you to work quickly and without distraction. OK are you ready?!?!

Smartphone trick to edit faster

The Smartphone Trick to Edit Photos 2X Faster

Take your phone (or use a dollar store timer), go to your clock/stopwatch/timer app, and set it for 10 minutes. That’s it. That’s the trick! The rule is, during that 10 minutes you just edit photos. No answering texts, checking email or Twitter, no getting up for snacks, no Netflix in the background. It’s also a good idea to choose a good, quiet work environment, such as an office or bedroom, or a time when the spouse is at work or the kids are in bed.

This easy trick does several things. By dedicating 10 minutes each day to intential and focused image processing, you will make consistent headway through your photo sessions by simply doing something. You’ll also get a nice chunk of work out of the way – you’ll be surprised by how much you can do in 10 minutes without distraction!

You will also be training yourself with healthy work habits, and by lowering the amount things competing for your attention, you will end up producing better work.

After your alarm beeps, go ahead and upload a few shots to your Facebook/Instagram/etc feed, grab something to eat, and put on Cupcake Wars in the background while you continue to edit. Or feel free to move on with your day, with the peace of mind that comes from making significant and steady progress in your photo editing.

Trick for photo editing

Again, in simplest form, here is the smartphone trick to edit photos 2x faster:

  • Get in your workstation, with your editing program up and running
  • Turn off distractions (Netflix, news, radio, etc)
  • Set your smartphone’s timer for 10 minutes
  • Edit for 10 minutes without stopping
  • Don’t check your phone, email, social – just edit!

As long as you keep those 10 minutes sacred each day, that’s the perfect starting point to get you through your editing at an amazing pace.

What helps you edit better, smarter, and faster?

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