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Gotta love all of that red hair!! Check out this lovely portrait photography session, from ‘Magination Images!

Website: http://maginationimages.com

Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/MaginationImages?fref=ts

This lovely young lady was visiting our area for a holiday weekend when we shot this session.  Two words: “That Hair”!!!

I really built the session’s colors around her gorgeous red hair,  It reminds me of a vibrant sunset  – so I wanted to bring the pinks, yellows and oranges out in the shots.  Half the session was shot in a local park and the other half at an under-construction housing development.

maginationimages2 maginationimages3 maginationimages4 maginationimages5 maginationimages6 maginationimages7 maginationimages8 maginationimages9 maginationimages10 maginationimages11 maginationimages12 maginationimages13 Maginationimages14 maginationimages15

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