Les portraits de LiNou | Featured Session

We have a beautiful child session on the blog this week, by Les portraits de LiNou!


Hi !

I am a french photographer specializing in childhood in Brittany (France).

My name is Céline ROUSSEAU and my business Name is Les portraits de Linou.



This session was been shooted on August in Brittany (France) with 2 little lovely kids : Lenaïg and Baptiste, they are sister and brother.

In Brittany, we are proud of being breton so these 2 beautiful kids are dressed In local costumes.

The day will be a beautiful summer day !

My work in photography is to create universe with themes for my little models. I shoot only babies, kids and mum to be.

I am poetic : a day I closed my eyes and began to dream. I still dream an now I have my head in clouds ! 🙂


Have a nice day !


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