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We have a sweet family/toddler session on the blog this week, by Kim Hill Photography! Be sure and show her lots of love!


My name is Kim Hilliard and I am a children and family photographer based out of Central Alabama! 🙂

Kim Hill Photography

This family contacted me to photograph their son who was turning one. I send a questionnaire before sessions to find out more about my clients to try and draw out something personal to include or base their session around. In the email I got back I read this line… “He loves books- especially Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon, which remains his all-time favorite.”

I thought to myself that’s it! I’ve always loved how children at a very young age already have so many likes/dislikes and even favorites. How cute would it be to always remember that Goodnight Moon was his favorite story at that time in his life? I proposed the idea to mom and she said “okay”!

(Can I note the parents were so sweet to put their trust in me to go with this idea, even though they didn’t know quite how it would turn out) 🙂

I got permission to shoot at a local Pecan Grove that I had been eying for quite some time, and we had a blast! I pulled elements from the story that stood out to me the most and recreated them for a little (in our case) “Goodnight Caleb”. Caleb now has his very own story album of his photos that his mommy says he LOVES to look through!

Enjoy! And I hope this session will inspire you to get those ideas out of your head and brought to life for one of your special clients!

kim <3

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