Gone with the Lens Returns!!

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple of years! When we launched this community for our fellow photographers, we did not anticipate the enthusiastic response and the incredible amount of engagement we received. It was so fun to see all the submissions, all the photos, all the sessions, all the encouraging comments…. sharing and appreciating each others’ work made all of us better photographers. It was a blast!

And then… life happened. And, weirdly, Lyme disease.

Both Rachel and Christin had been feeling fatigued from photography work, family life, and keeping up with the exciting activing here on GWTL. Something had to give, and at that point it (sadly!) had to be Gone with the Lens. Not long after, both Rachel and Christin received positive results from Lyme disease tests – within about a month of each other! (These stories are being told here and here.)

In the midst of all that, many changes were made, doctors seens, help and support received, new schools, new jobs, new houses… But, to make a long story short, between treatment, juggling family life and photography clients and everything else, things have been falling into place to bring back the GWTL community!

Photography Community
Still shooting!


Gone with the Lens is a community of photographers for photographers, growing ever more in love with our craft as we share with and glean from one another. You’ll be able to submit your work in our weekly themed contests, view and comment on the work of other photographers, see featured sessions that highlight creativity and beauty, and much more.


We have an updated website and new features such as Featured Artist and occasional link roundups that will be of interest to photographers. We are also accepting “how to” articles, so if you would like to become a featured author send us your submission! And be sure to subscribe to our feed in your blog reader so you don’t miss a thing!


First, you should check out our weekly themes on the Facebook page. You can post photos there that relate in some creative way to the week’s theme. If you have a portrait session, creative series, wedding, or article to submit, check out our Submissions page.


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the first Weekly Theme post on 8/1/2016. In the meantime, if you have a session or article you would like to submit, please do!

GWTL Returns 8.1.16

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