Gone with the Links 08.26.16

“You should be photographed by someone who knows how” – Click for an inspiring surprise.

50 Exquisite DIY Bohemian Projects – A terrific resource for expanding your collection of photo shoot props and accessories by making your own.

Here’s the difference between ordinary people and photographers – A Reddit user shows the same location photographed by a professional vs. ordinary snaps.

Photography Tips: Over 100 Tutorials – This is one to log away and review on occasion. Guides on various manual settings, composition, lighting, and more.

5 Family Poses That Always Capture Connection – Simple tips to keep in mind during family photo sessions, with great examples.

This Is Why You Should Get Prints – The zombie apocalypse, obviously.

8 Ways to Use Graphic Design to Market Your Photography – You already know how to use Photoshop. Put those skills to work for you in advertising your services.

The Hidden World of National Parks – An incredible inside look at places deep within several of the USA’s National Parks, which few people ever see.

Alessio Albi Photography gets up close and personal with a fox.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange

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