Gone with the Links 08.12.16

“You should be photographed by someone who knows how” – Click for an inspiring surprise.

Understanding Basic Aesthetics in Photography – A terrific – and relatively brief – article from Peta Pixel on basic concepts such as symmetry, the rule of thirds, the rule of odds, leading lines, and more, complete with examples. Great info for the beginner, and always worth a review for the expert.

Solving the Biggest Confusions with Lightroom – 8 minute video explaining how Lightroom stores and organizes your original and edited photos.

Photo Colorization – You’ve seen those old photos colorized of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, etc. In this interview, expert Marina Amaral explains some of the technical and inspirational details on how and why she loves to do this. Her Facebook page is worth a follow!

Wild Babies – Traer Scott captures the most amazingly cute baby animals.

When Yankee Stadium Was Under Construction – For you baseball fans. A TBT post sampling the gorgeous work of sports photographer Ross Lewis as he documented the reconstruction of Yankee Stadium from 1973-1976.

5 Lessons Daido Moriyama Has Taught Me About Street Photography – Daido Mariyama is famous for his work on the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here are some lessons gleaned from documentaries and interviews about his photography.

10 Movies About Photography Every Photographer Should Watch – Just like it says. Includes a personal all-time fave as #1.

A fun moment captured by a member of the Gone with the Lens community, April Burns Photography:

“There is a mighty power in photography. And especially overwhelming in its expressiveness. I love to observe the people in cities, in which an uncanny scent floats. I love to burrow in mysterious lanes. To detect the unusual scent guided by my own sense of smell.” – Daido Moriyama


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