“Energy” Winner & More Inspiration!

“Energy” was our latest theme for photography inspiration, and as always we love seeing you showcase your work. This week’s winning photo is by Jenni Hecht, the wonderful artist behind The Focused Soul, for her wind-swept beach shot below. Congratulations Jenni!

Energy Photo Theme Winner

Energy Photography Contest

Photo Credit: The Focused Soul
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The combined energy of ocean, wind, sunset, and dance create a dynamic sense of potent beauty. The colors blend together as well, with the blues and purples complementing the bright red dress of the lovely subject and creating a cohesive portrait. Great job!

Energy: First Runner Up

Child playing in the water

Photo Credit: Jaci Brillon Photography

Something about water communicates a sense of latent energy. This black & white shot of a young boy playing in a lake – with vast mountains and sky in the background – captures the idea of energy in an understated way. Another dynamic is brough by the way the colors change, moving from dark in the bottom foreground to light in the uppermost background as your eyes follow the ripples outward and upward. Beautifully done.

Energy: Second Runner Up

Photography Contest Inspiration

Photo Credit: Linnae Designs

This is a lighthearted moment set in the woods, with the viewer seeming to look in on a fairy caught  dancing in the forest. Perfect framing, lovely colors, an energetic action pose, and a beautiful smile make this photo complete.

Next Favorites Photo Contest – August 24

The theme for August 24, 2016 and following is:


How do you interpret this theme? How will your fellow photographers see it? Submit your photos on our social media page here! Maybe you’ll get your work featured on the blog!

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