8 Ways to Use Graphic Design to Market Your Photography

Photographers generally tend have an artistic eye, enjoy at least some elements of graphic design/art, and will almost always get pretty good at using Photoshop. Graphic designers, too, will get out from behind the iMac every now and again and pick up an SLR camera.

So it’s not uncommon for there to be overlap between the fields of graphic design and photography, whether by interest, profession, or accident. So how can you use graphic design to market your photography business?

Here are eight ideas to inspire your creativity and give you some direction in your marketing efforts. Be sure to comment with additional ideas! We want to hear what has worked for you and what has perhaps surprised you in combining photography and graphic arts.

8 Ways to Use Graphic Design to Market Your Photography

1. Compose Inspirational Quote Overlays

Quote Overlays

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Draw attention to your photography by composing an inspirational quote in lovely typography over an eye-catching photo.

This is fairly easy to do in Photoshop, and has the advantage of being very shareable for your social media fan pages and Pinterest boards.

2. Convey a Consistent Brand for Your Business

Be recognizeable through consistency. Don’t be the photographer with an always-changing logo and color scheme. You don’t want potential clients going from your Facebook page over to your website and wondering if it’s the same company. Use your design skills to convey a consistent brand for your business, with a simple, memorable logo and tagline that you can use across all platforms.

Watermarks, website, social media, and business cards should all be easily recognizable as the same photographer. So spend some time creating a brand image you can use consistently across all your media outlets.

3. Create Infographics Relevant to Your Niche

Graphic Design for Marketing Photography

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Above is an interesting and attractive infographic about Nambia. Perfect for sharing around travel blogs, a graphic like this can showcase your photography and design skills while putting your work in front of the relevant people in your niche.

4. Construct Your Own Advertisements

Tagging on to point #3, when you create your own advertisements you can further your consistent brand image. This will also free you from the cost of hiring out for ads, and will allow you to showcase your passion for your craft in a way that may not come across when you sub out the work.

5. Craft Beautiful Business Cards

Online business card printers such as VistaPrint and Moo have a wide variety of templates for you to use. These are generally pretty nice, but the real way to stand out from the crowd while showcasing your photography is to design your own.

The way you present yourself is one of the most important aspects of running a successful photography business. Take the time to craft beautiful business cards that convey your value and expertise to your clients.

6. Communicate with Elegance to Prospective Clients

Graphic Design - Marketing Photography

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Photography contracts, promotional and informational materials, thank-you notes, and bonus items like photo albums or gift cards are often untapped platforms ripe for use in marketing your photography business. Take the time to create elegant packaging for your wedding welcome packets, print custom thank-you notes, use quality paper for your contracts.

There are many little ways you can communicate excellence with elegance to your prospective clients. Search out these opportunities and utilize your graphic design skills to enhance every interaction.

7. Conceive Ambitious Projects

You have that image series, location shoot, or specialized equipment purchase in the back of your mind as a “someday….” dream. But with the rise of crowdfunding combined with a loyal and appreciative fan base, your ambitious project may not be so far off.

To take your project from the idea stage and making it a reality, you’ll need to use your graphic design skills to show your fans and potential patrons exactly what your idea is, how you will make it happen. And you’ll need to do so in a way that inspires them to contribute while assuring them you have the capability to make it beautiful.

With a great idea, expertise, and artistry combined with a stunningly designed campaign, you will be able to make your ambitious photography project a reality.

8. Contribute to Your Community

Volunteer to take pictures at community centers, homeless shelters, halfway houses, or any other great cause that could use some quality promotional material. Use your design skills to make flyers, website banners, and eye-catching social media posts that highlight the good work being done.

Giving back is not only great for your community, it will put your work in front of many people who may not have otherwise been able to enjoy your work. Don’t volunteer just to get your business marketed, but when you really care about something of value, people will recognize the heart you put into all that you do. And that is a wonderful way to use your design skills to market your photography.

Let’s hear your voice!

Well, what’s worked for you? How have you merged your passions and skills to effectively and creatively market your photography? Let us know in the comments, and remember to pin the image below to save these tips for future reference!

Marketing your photography business

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